Ben Thornton

The UX of Bus Transit

  • December 2016
  • A walkthrough of user interactions for bus transit
  • Urban Planning, UX Analysis, Transportation
  • In order to increase ridership, special attention must be paid to the user's actions.

This project was my final project for my Intro to Transportation Issues and Transportation Planning class in Fall 2016 at Florida State. It was a fantastic course and gave me a great introduction to the overall field of transportation planning for cities.

The final project for the class was very broad and we simply needed to talk about a project that was in the scope of transportation. Recently, I was looking a lot into Urban Design Guides and how cities were able to add design elements into their services. With my experience using the MTA in NYC and SoundTransit in Seattle recently, how people intereact with fare collection systems, route maps, bus boarding, and even departure of the bus was fascinating. Each system has their own technique and strategy to deal with these aspects. Being able to change some parts of this process I believe can lead to a positive experience. The frequency of these positive user experiences will lead to increased ridership and more dependancy on public transit for commuters.

For the paper I found that I reached the page limit while only on part 2 of my planned 8 part paper. So I needed to reevaluate and review my approach in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire bus transit process for a user. I will continue to develep this projct into a more cohesive and comprehensive study that takes into account multiple transit agencies and present both good and bad examples of UX in bus transit. Developing this into a larger and better formatted pdf case study will be my end goal for the next couple months and one should expect those parts to be rolling out as they develop at this page.

Until I can get that project finished, a copy of my final assignment can be found via PDF below. Feel free to reach out on Twitter or Email with any feedback or thoughts you have of my analysis! I would love to start a broader conversation on the subject!