Ben Thornton

Ben Thornton
Ben Thornton

Great spatial data is as valuable as what you can communicate with it.

Maps are an incredible way to communicate actionable information with data. They can save lives and help communicate a pattern that no spreadsheet can. Creating cutting edge techniques to better communicate spatial data is a major focus of mine. Some of my projects and writings on Cartography are below.

Community Building
People don’t know their true potential until you empower them.

I spend my time building communities, solutions, and events. My passion for technology drives me to create events that connect and uplift people to accomplish goals they never thought possible.

Innovation of the status quo is the way forward.

Finding problems with how to visualize 2 data sets or how to normalize data into uniform spatial units are challenges affecting huge groups of people. Creating soluations that make it easier has shown how improving a small tool can make a great impact.