Ben Thornton

Personal Favorites
Uber Cities
Reflections on what opening Uber data means for cities.

Spatial Analysis and Visualizations
Bivariate Mapping
Using color theory to maximize readibility of maps.
Bivariate Statistical Legends
Adding scatterplots to legends to enhance map and data literacy.
Land Use / Land Cover Symbology and Visualizations
New symbology for looking at LU/LC relationships.
FL Go Green GIS Competition
Developing a GIS competition for middle and high school students.
FGA Giant Tiled Floor Map
A project to bring a giant map to all classrooms.
US National Grid
A normalized spatial data model.

Community Building
Hackathon and Technology Community Building
A Florida Hackers Conference
HackFSU 2016
Florida State University Hackathon
Florida Hackers
A student tech community in Florida and some of the story behind it.

Urban Planning
Projects Centered Around Cities and Transportation
The UX of Bus Transit
An walkthrough of user interactions for bus transit.
Stadia Transit
A web app to explore transit access near professional sporting stadia.